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What's With That Crazy Nye Guy? Weathering One More Time! Day 1

4th Grade Science » Unit: Weathering
Big Idea: Students grappling with understanding effects of weathering on the Earth's surface benefit from this video as they jigsaw their new information to prepare for a group presentation.
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Investigation Chart

Evidence or Inference?

4th Grade Science » Unit: Thinking, Writing, and Observing Like a Scientist
Big Idea: Students choose between three different experiments to help them understand the difference between scientific evidence and inference.
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Classroom Video: Integration of Math Real World Application

What Happened to My Soap ?

4th Grade Science » Unit: Weathering
Big Idea: Using a bar of soap, students discover the meaning of erosion.
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Cardinal Bird

I Hear That!

Kindergarten Science » Unit: Getting Started (Frontloading Science)
Big Idea: Young children do not often come equipped and ready to listen well in order to gain insight into topics. This lesson encourages them to listen carefully and make connections between what they hear and things they already know.
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Academic Discussion Clip 1

Day Two of Plaid Pete and Friends Take a Field Trip to the Biosphere Reserve

5th Grade Science » Unit: Plaid Pete is Modeling Earth's Systems
Big Idea: How does ocean acidification affect the biosphere? Students investigate the effects of acid on shells, and construct models to describe sphere interactions.
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Poppers Lab

Poppers Investigation

4th Grade Science » Unit: Poppers
Big Idea: Students will put their learning about scientific investigations in action as they conduct a poppers lab.
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Thoughts on the Student Work

Da Vinci and the Journal

2nd Grade Science » Unit: Inquiry in Science
Big Idea: The understanding that science ideas, concepts, creations and learning's can have a severe impact not only on individuals, but the world, is explored.
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Double Bubble: Eukaryotes and Prokaryotes

Eukaryotes and Prokaryotes - Similarities and Differences

7th Grade Science » Unit: From Molecules to Organisms: The Cell
Big Idea: An interactive lesson that looks at the differences and similarities of the two giants of the cellular world.
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Guiding Questions for "What is Weather" - 3rd Grade Science Lesson

What is Weather?

3rd Grade Science » Unit: Seasonal Weather
Big Idea: What is weather? How do we measure it, and why?
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Why use Journals?

Safety in Science

2nd Grade Science » Unit: Inquiry in Science
Big Idea: Implications in science have social, ethical and safety issues.
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