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Day Three

8th Grade Math » Unit: Welcome Back!
Big Idea: We continue to establish and practice procedures to help our class operate smoothly from day-to-day. Continuous Improvement quizzes help us chart progress toward the standards over time.
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Add and subtract positive and negative numbers

Big Idea: Good guys and bad guys? Use Spiderman and Venom (and Street Fighter 2) to illustrate the idea of adding and subtracting positive and negative numbers.
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Equal Groups (Review)

Kindergarten Math » Unit: Comparing and Sorting Objects
Big Idea: Comparing the number of objects in two groups, using one-to one-correspondence, is a foundational skill that students will build on as they begin to compare numbers.
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RTI Expanded Form: All Hands on Deck!

4th Grade Math » Unit: Place Value
Big Idea: Students manipulate this great card game to strengthen their skills in creating and understanding expanded form better. They use a slinky to help them check and understand if their whole number is stretched out!
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Fraction War

Adding & Subtracting Fractions with Unlike Denominators (Centers)

5th Grade Math » Unit: Adding and Subtracting Fractions
Big Idea: During choice time, students have an opportunity to select the activities that will help to develop their mathematical fluency.
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Quiz and Intro to Graphs of Polynomials

Algebra II » Unit: Polynomial Theorems and Graphs
Big Idea: The graph of a polynomial can look a variety of ways depending on the degree, lead coefficient, and linear factors.
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Finding Missing Parts of 10

1st Grade Math » Unit: Understanding Subtraction
Big Idea: First graders love to draw and I want them to use their artistic abilities to illustrate word problems. Illustrations can help students identify the unknown parts of a problem.
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Work Assignment

Ordering Fractions

4th Grade Math » Unit: Number & Operations-Fractions
Big Idea: Given a set of 3 or more fractions the student will be able to place them in order from least to greatest.
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Quiz Day

7th Grade Math » Unit: Integers
Big Idea: Homework is checked in preparation for the quiz and then students work until the end of class.
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Alg 2 Review Sequences and Series

Geometric and Arithmetic Sequences and Series Review

Algebra II » Unit: Arithmetic and Geometric Sequences
Big Idea: Represent arithmetic and geometric sequences/series with various models (MP#4) using a cooperative learning review activity (MP#3).
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