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Past To The Future:. The Innovationist

5th Grade Math » Unit: Partners in Learning
Big Idea: Use the PAST To CHANGE the PRESENT in order to SAVE our FUTURE
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Intro to 3D Figures and Cross-Sections - What shape do you see?

7th Grade Math » Unit: Geometric Measurement
Big Idea: Put on your funny glasses – we are going 3D! Students will use technology to manipulate and discover cross-sections.
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Fact Family Haunted Houses

1st Grade Math » Unit: Understanding Subtraction
Big Idea: Spooky, Spooky! Perfect time of year to excite them about a lesson by making a fact family haunted house. This lesson will assist in building fluency by practicing multiple problems and identifying relationships among numbers.
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Writing Expressions Video

What's My Expression? (Variables Game)

4th Grade Math » Unit: Patterns & Expressions
Big Idea: Students use expressions to write phrases that identify the variables and use the correct words to describe the operation.
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Rounding Decimals

5th Grade Math » Unit: Targeted Skills Interventions
Big Idea: Round and round we go!
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Graphing Linear Functions in Standard Form (Day 2 of 2)

Algebra I » Unit: Graphing Linear Functions
Big Idea: Students will use their knowledge of literal equations to rearrange a line in standard form into a familiar format.
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Halloween Count

Kindergarten Math » Unit: Halloween Math
Big Idea: Kindergartners love Halloween! This lesson incorporates some ghoulish fun while counting.
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Estimating & Measuring Weight

4th Grade Math » Unit: Measuring Mass and Weight
Big Idea: In order to further develop students' understanding of measurement units, it is important to provide students with opportunities to estimate and measure the weight of items.
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Common Factor the Great!

7th Grade Math » Unit: Equivalent Expressions
Big Idea: Students will relate factoring a variable expression to a real world situation.
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Using the Pythagorean Theorem

Geometry » Unit: Similar and Right Triangles
Big Idea: Students practice finding lengths of segments using the Pythagorean Theorem, with an eye toward discovering common Pythagorean triplets.
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