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Set Builder Activity

Set Builder Notation

8th Grade Math » Unit: Sets, Subsets and the Universe
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Solving Real World Problems Involving Decimals

6th Grade Math » Unit: Number Sense
Big Idea: Decimals Involved in Problems to Solve: Problem solving with decimals
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How Can We Sort?

Kindergarten Math » Unit: Sorting, Sorting, and More and More Sorting!
Big Idea: Students create an anchor chart to display what they know about sorting.
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A Remainder of One

4th Grade Math » Unit: Understanding Division and Remainders
Big Idea: Students gain experience with what a remainder is and model division situations with arrays.
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Adjustments to the Introduction

This introduction to the lesson is presented in a direct instruction way.  As I have started shifting to a more student led approach I have made some minor tweaks to how the examples begin.  Instead of telling students how to solve the problem while modeling it, I let them work on the problem by themselves.  After they have attempted to solve the problem on their own we can return to the given steps and see if they match the process used.

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Area of Composite Shapes

7th Grade Math » Unit: Geometry
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Constructing Viable Arguments

Geometry » Unit: Preparing for the Geometry Course
Big Idea: In this lesson, students will engage with Mathematical Practice 3 by investigating how to best arrange trapezoidal desks in a classroom.
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Subtracting Across Zeros

2nd Grade Math » Unit: Three-Digit Addition and Subtraction
Big Idea: Students use place value blocks to accurately subtract across zeros.
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Dividing with Place Value Chart - Decomposing Tens

4th Grade Math » Unit: Division with Whole Numbers
Big Idea: In this lesson, students deepen their understanding of division by using an equal distribution method of dividing with a place value chart.
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Improper Fractions and Mixed Numbers

6th Grade Math » Unit: Introduction to Fractions
Big Idea: Students convert improper fractions and mixed numbers.
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The Skyscraper Problem

12th Grade Math » Unit: Sequences and Series
Big Idea: Students investigate the cost to wash the windows of a skyscraper.
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