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Independent Practice - Making Inferences with Quotes

5th Grade ELA » Unit: We Are a Team: Building the Foundation
Big Idea: We know how to make inferences, now its time to practice!
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Practicing Insults

The Bard Bomb: Tackling Shakespearean Insults

11th Grade ELA » Unit: The Shakespearean Drama: Othello
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What's the problem?

1st Grade ELA » Unit: Key Ideas and Details in Literature
Big Idea: So ... did they fix it? An important element of a story plot is a problem and it's solution. Identifying these is a way in which students can demonstrate comprehension.
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Quiet Literacy: It’s all about the spot

3rd Grade ELA » Unit: Reader's Workshop Management
Big Idea: The perfect spot - how giving kids choice and freedom will set the foundation for a successful year of Reader's Workshop
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Connect to Students' Interests

Students are very interested in the movie "Frozen" so I leveraged their interests in this movie to teach a lesson about theme.  I projected the opening song from the first scene titled The Ice Workers Song and read it to the students.  Then we watched the opening scene.  Then we went back to the text and analyzed it for the movie's theme.


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Frozen: Understanding Theme

5th Grade ELA » Unit: Using Mentor Texts
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Remembering the Sights and Sounds of 9/11 through Poetry Day 1

9th Grade ELA » Unit: The Search for Identity: Introductory Unit
Big Idea: Shared poetry is the result as students compose poetry about September 11 using images and sound devices
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Answering with Detail

1st Grade ELA » Unit: Learning New Words and Making Discoveries
Big Idea: It only makes sense that after learning to read and re-read with a purpose, students will have a better understanding of what they read and be able to answer comprehension questions with more detail.
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Strategy Review

One thing I wanted to mention, was that we are learning these comprehension strategies individually.  I want the students to know that they can use more than one strategy while reading. So each day as we begin to read "The Whipping Boy" I said Fleishman, we do a quick comprehension strategies review. I also let the students know that good readers use multiple strategies while reading difficult text.

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The Whipping Boy - Inference

4th Grade ELA » Unit: The Whipping Boy
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Informational Writing: Grabbing my Attention from the Hook to Concluding Paragraphs

8th Grade ELA » Unit: Narrative Writing Workshop
Big Idea: Hook Me from the Beginning to End of your Essay!
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