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Ah, Love! Romeo's Words of Love...and moving forward with Act I

8th Grade ELA » Unit: Romeo and Juliet
Big Idea: Analyzing small pieces of text helps to reveal character.
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Poetry Line Tossing.mp4

What's Your Line? Close Reading of Selected Lines from the Romantic, Victorian, and Modern Periods

12th Grade ELA » Unit: Romantic, Victorian, and Modern British Poetry
Big Idea: One line at a time = the meeting of self and literature.
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Generated Questions

Students were engaged in the conversion of their notes to interpretive questions.  It was helpful to discuss with a partner and work together by brainstorming ideas.  As evident in Student Discussions and Post-It Notes Student Samples, this pair share method resulted in some deep questions that would be more difficult to create on their own. Feedback from a partner seems to help students create quality questions.

   Students remained engaged in their conversations with their partner because I used a Partner Rubric for students to self-assess and assess their partner's performance.  Students use the rubric as a guideline on the qualities of a good partnership.  Students realize that they have the responsibility to meet those qualifications of a good partner if they expect their partner to meet them as well.  The rubric kept students working together with fidelity to their partnership.

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The Girl and the Chenoo Day 1

2nd Grade ELA » Unit: Shared Inquiry Discussion 1
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Sorting out the Pieces: Interactive Student Notebook Right Side Activity

4th grade ELA » Unit: Putting Together the Pieces - The Puzzle of Cause and Effect Relationships
Big Idea: Being able to identify instances of cause and effect relationships will help further students' understanding of both fiction and nonfiction texts.
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Topic Sentences

7th Grade ELA » Unit: Laying the Foundations: Teaching Routines, Procedures, and Expectations through Authentic Activities
Big Idea: Showing effecting writing through examples of "not so effective:, "effective", and "very effective" examples allows students to recognize when they need to revise their own work.
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stranger in the photo organization.mp4

Model Memoir as Argument: Donald Murray's "The Stranger in the Photo is Me"

11th Grade ELA » Unit: Writing Memoir as Argument
Big Idea: Writing memoir is more than just telling stories.
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Whales in the Ocean

1st Grade ELA » Unit: Questioning the Text
Big Idea: Students deepen their knowledge of the ocean and whales as they read two passages.
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Kenny & the Dragon Day Eight: Chapter 14 & Conclusion

3rd Grade ELA » Unit: Ancient Greece, Dragons, Gods, and Giants!
Big Idea: Read literature, write abridged summaries, and answer comprehension questions
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Vocabulary Quiz

7th Grade ELA » Unit: Vocabulary
Big Idea: Be a quiz wiz
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Introduction to Novels

11th Grade ELA » Unit: Finding Themes and Making Inferences in Literature
Big Idea: Welcoming Huck, Jim, Antonia, Richie, and Peewee to tea--meeting the main characters of literature circle choices.
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