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Pause and Reflect Worksheet

Maroo of the Winter Caves: Enter the Ice Age

6th Grade ELA » Unit: Maroo of the Winter Caves: Historical Fiction
Big Idea: Highlighting main ideas and details helps students understand life during a time period far different than their own.
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Notes on notes

Notes are frustrating.  Sometimes it is the most logical way to convey information quickly.  However, my students are almost pavlovian about notes.  Their eyes are wide yet glazed over as they meticulously copy word for word off the board.  I always suggest they put their notes in their own words.  Additionally, I tell them they can use their phones to record explanations to help them remember.  Rarely do they take my advice.  

When I ask questions during note-taking activities, I get mumbled responses and/or blank stares. They don't seem to be able to write and recall.  For example I asked a student to define inference.  We have been working on inferences since the first unit.  I get this look like, students don't talk during notes! Teachers talk Students write! Finally, the student goes back though his notes to find the answer to the question What is an inference

I can't seem to figure out how to convey information quickly and interactively.  

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Put It Together to Break it Apart: Creating a Dialectical Journal

10th Grade ELA » Unit: The Divine and Diabolical World of Othello
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a video of how the vowel tree works

Make Medial Vowel Skills GROW and GROW!

Kindergarten ELA » Unit: Phonemic Awareness; the KEY to the door of reading!
Big Idea: Engraining medial vowel sounds every day means they'll never mix them up!
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Connections: It's all about me!

3rd Grade ELA » Unit: Connections Unit
Big Idea: Introducing the concept of Connections
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Grading Rubric.docx

Using Feedback to Revise & Edit Your Work

7th Grade ELA » Unit: A Literary Analysis of Tom Sawyer
Big Idea: Making your writing even better!
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Chapter 1 Review: The Character Notebook

11th Grade ELA » Unit: The Great Gatsby
Big Idea: Beyond the Green Light: Concentrating on Characterization
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What's happening in the story? Day 2 of 2

2nd Grade ELA » Unit: Tomas and the Library Lady
Big Idea: Will Tomas be brave to go into the library? Who is the Library Lady? How does this story end? Come and find out.
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Probably... Context Clue Practice

4th Grade ELA » Unit: Comprehension Lessons
Big Idea: Context clues can be tricky and looking for the hidden clue to understand the whole meaning takes practice. This lesson uses the word "probably" to help students build a complete sentence that relates to the hidden context clue.
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Tone/Attitude of the Speaker

7th Grade ELA » Unit: Listening and Speaking
Big Idea: The importance of identify that “just right” word to describe “Tone”
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Digging Deeper - Deconstructing the Author's Argument

11th Grade ELA » Unit: Exploring Identity
Big Idea: Fleshing out the bones of an argument is essential in deconstructing that argument.
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