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Using Narration to Teach Exposition!

So, last year when I taught this lesson, I thought it was really crazy to teach expository texts by first giving them a narrative text. Now, however, I see the benefit in it. Because we just came out of the narrative portion of this unit, it makes sense to juxtapose the two so that the kids are also getting the sense of a shift.

By transforming one type of text into another, while staying on the same topic, students can see that exposition is not just cookbooks and Lego directions, but it can be something more elegant--and we can begin to prepare for the next embedded assessment, the expository essay.

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Expository V. Narrative (And a Gorilla)

6th Grade ELA » Unit: Exposition and Expository Writing
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"Beowulf" Station Rotation: An Epic Activity

12th Grade ELA » Unit: We Need a Hero: The Anglo-Saxon Epic "Beowulf"
Big Idea: Stations work in secondary English classes and emphasize student choice.
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Captivating Captions

2nd Grade ELA » Unit: Text Features in Informational Text
Big Idea: Text features are text structures that facilitate retrieval of information for the purposes of reference and research.
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But What Does the Text Say?

3rd Grade ELA » Unit: The Ballad of Mulan
Big Idea: In this lesson, students learn how to answer questions they are given about a text.
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Students Discuss Myths Video

4th Thursday in November: Thanksgiving

5th Grade ELA » Unit: Significant School Days
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Developing a Research Question

11th Grade ELA » Unit: Exploring Identity
Big Idea: Research guided by questions students generate themselves is more meaningful for them.
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Sheldon the Sheep Take 1

Sheldon the Sharing Sheep

Kindergarten ELA » Unit: Small Group Lessons with Big Impact
Big Idea: Classroom books bridge the learning gap between school and home.
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Use a Character Sketch to Describe the Grandfather in Grandfather's Journey

4th Grade ELA » Unit: This Land is Our Land
Big Idea: Students will use a character sketch to describe the thoughts, words, and actions of the grandfather in the story Grandfather's Journey by Allen Say
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Why are rules and consequences so important?

5th Grade ELA » Unit: We Are a Team: Building the Foundation
Big Idea: Rules and consequences help us attain our goals!
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