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Don't Forget Speaking and Listening

Today's lesson was one of those "missed opportunity" kind of days. During the work time, I had several kids who had missed the first part of the lesson, then I had several who needed to reread it to comprehend it--basically, I had kids all over the board. One thing I meant to leave out was that last activity--the one where the students "play" the part of one of Walter Dean Meyer's teachers. They choose a teacher, either the one who had given up on Walt or the one who empowered him, and convey their concerns to the next teacher who will have him. I wanted the room to be quiet because I had so many kids at different points in the text, so I tried to leave that part of the lesson out.

My kids are craftier than that. They begged to do it, so I let them and what I found was the best part of the lesson. These kids had to understand the "voice" of the teacher (either harsh or nurturing) and that had to come through in the dialogue with one another. I tried to capture it on film, but wasn't quick enough. 

Lesson learned. With such a difficult unit in front of us, snow days, and getting back into a routine, I was really trying to barrel through this unit. I have to remember to create opportunities like this, though, and enjoy it more.

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Double-Entry Journal

6th Grade ELA » Unit: Changes in Self Perception: Part 1
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Living in Our Satirical World: Anatomy of Satire

12th Grade ELA » Unit: Take a Little Trip: The Middle Ages and Chaucer
Big Idea: We live in a satirical world.
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Online Text Features

2nd Grade ELA » Unit: Text Features in Informational Text
Big Idea: Students will apply real world 21st Century methods of retrieving information by using website search engines and uniform resource locators.
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A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words

3rd Grade ELA » Unit: Reading Informational Text
Big Idea: Students add illustrations to their posters about a famous landform.
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Celebrate Constitution Day!

September 17th Constitution Day

5th Grade ELA » Unit: Significant School Days
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Students Struggle With This Task

Students are having a very difficult time engaging in academic analysis. Many are flat out shying away from it and leaving their assignment half done. This is a very difficult task for them and I will need to give them more opportunities and support. This student's work on the image, for instance, fulfilled all the requirements. He identified the elements that stand out and identified the elements of art that make certain elements stand out. His analytical writing, at the bottom of the page, still sounds like brainstorming. Part of the work this particular student still needs to do is edit his work, but he also needs me to help him develop his ideas.

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Analyzing an Image

11th Grade ELA » Unit: Exploring Identity
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Sheldon the Sheep Take 2

Sheldon the Sharing Sheep

Kindergarten ELA » Unit: Small Group Lessons with Big Impact
Big Idea: Classroom books bridge the learning gap between school and home.
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Locating Prepositional Phrases

4th Grade ELA » Unit: Sentence Structure
Big Idea: Students will locate prepositional phrases as they play a Jeopardy-inspired game.
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Maniac Macgee: Compare and Contrast Characters

5th Grade ELA » Unit: Give it All You've Got! - Part I
Big Idea: Comparing and contrasting characters: What's the big deal?
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Language as Power

Beware the Green-Eyed Monster: The Power of Language in Othello

11th Grade ELA » Unit: The Shakespearean Drama: Othello
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