Lesson: Volume of Cylinders

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Lesson Objective

We will be able to calculate the volume of a cylinder.

Lesson Plan

Do Now: (5 minutes)
1) Find the volume of this prism. (4ft x 8ft x 6 ft)                                 
2) Find the area of this circle.  radius = 4 inches
3) Simplify: 3(2x - â…”) – x

Direct Instruction: (20 minutes)

Yesterday we found the volume of prisms. For a rectangular prism, all we had to do was multiply length times width times height. However, it got a little more complicated with triangular prisms. What did we have to do to find the area of a triangular prism? 
Today we are going to find the volume of a cylinder. Since we know that volume tells us how much a solid holds, what do you think we would have to do to find the volume of a cylinder?
How would we calculate B?
V = Bh, where B= area of base or V = πr²h
Ex. Find the volume of a cylinder with a radius of 5 cm and a height of 8.3 cm. (draw cylinder)
Ex. A rain gauge has a height of 13 centimeters and diameter of 3 centimeters

Guided Practice: (10 minutes)
volume of cylinders guided practice

Assessment: (10 minutes)
volume of cylinders work-out

Lesson Resources

volume of prisms guided practice   Classwork
volume of prisms work out   Assessment


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