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Lesson Objective

SWBAT explain what is within a cell. SWBAT create flashcards for the components of a cell. SWBAT identify cell organelles within 2D diagrams and 3D models.

Lesson Plan

Do Now
1.    (5 minutes) Complete/collect Do Now
Organelle Notes
1.    (15-18 minutes) Students will copy notes to explain the scientific definition of each cell organelle. For each organelle students will:
2.    Draw a simple diagram of the organelle
3.    Explain the function of the organelle
4.    Connect the function of the organelle to a real world object.

Ex. Cell Membrane acts like walls and doors because it controls what goes in and out.

Organelle Powerpoint:
5.    (20-24 minutes) Students will see a powerpoint showing two animal and two plant cells. The first diagram will have the cell organelles pointed out, but unlabelled. Teacher will provide definitions/real world examples of each to enable students to connect the image of each organelle to the definition.

Let’s start with this yellow substance up here. It’s through the entire cell. What do you think this is?
Student: cytoplasm.
Teacher: Why?
Student: Because it fills the entire cell
Teacher: What does cytoplasm do?
Student: It gives the cell its shape and cushions the cell.
6.    The second slide will give the correct answers for each diagram.
7.    During this time, students will have B&W copies of the same ppt slides and will need to label the diagrams as we identify each organelle.
2.    (2 minutes) Preview Homework

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