Lesson: Observations vs. Inferences

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Lesson Objective

SWBAT make observations of pictures, diagrams, samples and specimens in detail. SWBAT make inferences based on personal observations. SWBAT distinguish between observation and inference. SWBAT observe qualitatively and quantitatively.

Lesson Plan

Class Expectations
1.    Review Classroom systems:
a.     Paper passing out/in procedure (time and record on blackboard): Papers for class will be located on the long table beneath the green bulletin board. 
                    i.    Papers will pass to the right in class. 
                   ii.    Papers will be passed in to the left to be stored on the same table.
b.    Pencil/tissues will be located on the work space at the window side of the classroom.
                    i.    Silent signal to receive permission.
c.    Students may use bathroom when:
                    i.    DN is complete,
                   ii.    After Independent work has been started,
                  iii.    After quizzes or tests are done.
d.            (4 minutes) Binder sections and set up– highlight vocabulary and resource sections
                    i.    Vocabulary – as a means of fostering independence students will have a vocabulary packet organized per unit that they will need to take initiative to complete. Completing will require transferring definitions from various handouts to a central location as a means of organization and studying (providing another hit for each word). This will need to be done each unit.
                   ii.    Resource – during each unit, students are responsible for locating two scientific articles and actively reading them before placing them in the resource section of their binders.
                  iii.    Binders will checked at least once quarterly for a grade.
e.            (8 minutes) Grading Breakdown (as handout to be placed in binder with grade tracker sheet.)
                    i.    Do Now/ CW/Exit Tickets    20%
                   ii.    Homework                         25%
                  iii.    Quizzes / NSA                  30%
                  iv.    Labs & Projects                 25%
2.    (8 minutes) Class review of do now.   Project first image, “A” in detail. Students will list their observations and we will create class record of observations. Accept observations and inferences for time being.
3.    (2 minutes) Move to CW. Students provide define observation and inference.
(material introduced in 7th). Looking for:

Observation – information gathered using the five senses. undisputable
Inference - assumption made based on observation

4.    (6 minutes) You do: Students will identify 5 statements on CW as either observations or inferences and provide evidence.
5.    (4 minutes) We do: Review answers to the five statements. Clarify confusions as necessary.
6.    Return to the list which was created for the first photo:
Ask: Which of the following are observations and which are inferences?
7.    Allow students 20 seconds to silently contemplate list.
8.    (4-6 minutes) Volleyball conversation: “Do you agree that ___________ is an observation of this photo?” Go through each statement and identify as an observation (“O”) or an inference (“I”)
9.    () Judging by time and mastery we may discuss one or both of the remaining photos from do now. This time however, we will begin with observations only.   After a student provides a statement. Poll class for observation or inference. Follow up by asking 1-2 students to provide evidence for their stance. Follow up on both observation and inference perspectives.
10. (4 minutes) Preview Homework and HW expectations.
(3 minutes) Exit ticket.

Lesson Resources

L01 DN Observations based on pictures   Starter / Do Now
L01 ET Obs vs Inf   Assessment
L01 CW Obs and Inf  
L01 HW Obs vs Inf   Homework
L01 PP DN   Other


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