Lesson: 7-3 Solving Multi-Step Inequalities - Solve Linear Equalities and Inequalities

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Lesson Objective

SWBAT solve multi-step inequalities.

Lesson Plan

Teacher: Hall
Course:    8th Math
Date: Jan 27, 2009
SWBAT solve multi-step inequalities using inverse operations
Unit Title: 7
Objective Number:
Materials: do now, cc, packet, HW, EX
Vocabulary: inequalities, at least/most, greater than, less than, etc.
Do now:
Purpose of the do now: 
xCumulative Review _____________
â–¡Activate Prior Knowledge
â–¡Introduce Lesson
â–¡Other ___________________
Total Recall / Hook: How will you transition from the Do Now into today’s objective? How will you tie your recall to the importance of today’s objective?
What strategies can you use to solve an equation? (Brainstorm)
Distributive, combine like terms, inverse operations, rearrange terms
We use all the same strategies to solve multi-step inequalities!
But what are some of the major differences?
Not just one solution
Switch the symbol when mult or div by a negative
Not today
Agenda: Outline of your lesson
  1. Do now (5 )
  2. Cranium Crunch (5 )
  3. Review CC/DN (10)
4.      Mental Math (5 )
5.      Hook (5 )
6.      INM1 (5 )
7.      GP1 (10 )
8.      CFU1 (2 )
9.      IP1 (10 )
10. INM2 (5 )
11. GP2 (10 )
12. CFU2 (3 )
13. IP2 (25 )
14. Share (5 )
15. Exit Ticket (10 )
16. Closing (5 )
Intro to NM
Example 1:
What do we need to know to solve this problem? (formula for Fahrenheit and Celsius)
Write the inequality – try it… (we don’t use 97.7 at all, why not?)
Do we switch the sign?
What does our answer mean? Answer in a complete sentence.
Graph and check
Example 2:
Translate on your own, then cold call
First step?
Next step?
Do we switch? (we’re dividing a negative number by 2? – no because we’re not dividing by a negative number)
Graph and check
Now You Try – let students try on their own (careful with negatives/distributive)
Review – all solutions, and empty set
Let students solve A and B (all real numbers and empty set)
Key questions to ask during GP: (Question Script) 
What’s the first step to isolate the variable?
Why not        ?
Are we going to reverse the symbol? How do you know?
What would this graph look like?
How do we check our answer?
IP 2 
IP – multiple choice in clickers
Then in textbooks/notebooks
Closure: How will you close the lesson? 
Share out answers from IP
Exit ticket
Assessment: How will you assess mastery of the objective?
  •     Exit ticket
Anticipated Challenges
Reflection: I think there needs to be more scaffolding and variety in the IP.

Lesson Resources

7 3 HW  
7 3 EX  
7 3 DN  
7 3 packet solve multi step  


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