Lesson: 3-12 percent change - percent increase and decrease

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Lesson Objective

SWBAT solve problems involving percent change.

Lesson Plan

The lesson plan questioning and script is located either in the notes of the powerpoint slides or as comments on the word document.  Please see those documents for all content specific to this lesson.

Here is a typical agenda – our classes are either 90 minutes or 120 minutes:

Do Now (DN)

6 mins

-students work independently on six spiral-review problems

-teacher circulates to check in strategically


Review DN

4 mins

-quickly go over the answers to each problem

-pick 1-2 strategic problems to go over in depth


Review HW

5 mins

-discuss answers to the HW, any questions students have


Cranium Crunch (CC)

6 mins

-students work independently on timed drill sheet (10-12 questions)

-teacher circulates strategically


Grade CC

2 mins

-students trade and grade

-teacher reads aloud answers

-partners help each other fix mistakes

-students report scores, while teacher enters into tracker


Mental Math (MM)

5 mins

-all students stand behind their seat

-teacher asks 10 questions, cold call (no hands)


Notes and Examples

25 mins

-students take notes in their notebooks (usually – or sometimes in the packet for certain lessons)

-teacher presents notes and example problems, gradually releasing more of the thinking and talking onto the students


Now You Try/ Partner Practice

10 mins

-students try a few problems to check for understanding, either alone or in partners


Independent Practice (IP)

30 mins

-students work independently on bronze, silver, and gold rounds of IP



Review IP / Summary

5 mins

-go over a few strategic problems from independent practice

-discuss key ideas and common misunderstandings before students take daily assessment (have these come from the kids)


Exit Ticket

5 mins

-students take 4-5 question assessment



Lesson Resources

3-12 percent change IP.doc  
3-12 DN.doc  
3-12 EX.doc  
3-12 HW.docx  
3-12 notes and LP - percent change.pptx  


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