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Lakeadria Wynn Posted 14 hours ago:

This seriously is a life saver. I will definately be informing other students about this who attend Georgia Cyber Acacdemy with me. Thanks so much BetterLesson! 

Alexandria Jenkins Posted yesterday:

Thanks You So Much !!! I was unable to find this book at the library. I am sure know I am going to get an A in my 9th Grade English Class

Hayli Valdez Posted one month ago:

Thank god i found this! saved my english average from decreasing.

Rayeil Manning Posted 7 months ago:

Oxygen Magnesium(OMg) thank YOU!!! My honrs class will not let me take the book. I wanted to keep reading it. The book is so awesome. thanks again. You saved my reading life.

La La Posted 7 months ago:

This just saved me from getting a bad grade in my 8th grade english class, thanks so much!

andi grozi Posted 11 months ago:

This is helpfull for english class 10th Grade.



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