Express whole numbers as fractions, and recognize fractions that are equivalent to whole numbers. Examples: Express 3 in the form 3 = 3/1; recognize that 6/1 = 6; locate 4/4 and 1 at the same point of a number line diagram.

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The Whole In Fractions

3rd Grade Math » Unit: Fractions
3rd Grade Math » Unit: Fractions
Diane Siekmann
Phoenix, AZ
Environment: Urban
Big Idea:

Students need to be able to see how fractions combine to create a whole amount. This is the first step in adding fractions with like denominators.

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Show What You Know: A 2 Day Assessment

3rd Grade Math » Unit: Comparing Fractions
3rd Grade Math » Unit: Comparing Fractions
Michelle Marcus
Troy, MI
Environment: Suburban
Big Idea:

After a large unit like fractions, it is important to assess the students ability to apply and communicate their knowledge. These two very different activities will help you assess and record your student's learning according to the Common Core Standards.

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Common Core Math
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